At Blockwatch Data we are happy to announce version 10 of our Tezos API with support for the Granada network upgrade. v10 comes with a brand new bigmap index to better support the continued growth in transaction volume. For a full list of API changes, see the changelog.

The new API is already live on for testing on mainnet and for Granada testnet. Our open-source Tezos SDKs TzGo and TzStats-Go are updated as well.

As Granada is right around the corner we will upgrade our mainnet API on Friday, August 6th 8AM UTC. Sorry for the short notice, we usually give a one week notice before upgrading. This time, however, we were overwhelmed by the complexity of innocently looking changes like the increase in cycle length in Granada. This required much more work and testing than we had anticipated. For questions and upgrade help please join our Discord or send us an email.

Important Changes

  • block.endorsed_slots (uint32) has been replaced by block.slot_mask (hex string)
  • block.rights.slot (int) has been replaced by block.rights.slots (array[int])
  • the single bigmap table has been replace with 3 new tables bigmaps (allocs), bigmap_updates (updates only, not indexed) and bigmap_values (live key/value pairs, indexed by key hash)
  • bigmap metadata fields is_removed and is_deleted have been removed
  • new field slots in rights table, only used for endorsing rights to collect all slots assigned to a baker (before each individual slot was stored as a single rights table entry)
  • added block fields lb_esc_vote and lb_esc_ema to track liquidity baking
  • op field data for type endorsement now contains a 256bit hex string instead of 32bit
  • added field minted_subsidy to supply counters
  • added blockchain config fields liquidity_baking_escape_ema_threshold, liquidity_baking_subsidy, liquidity_baking_sunset_level, minimal_block_delay

Granada support and the new Tezos API v10 are already available for our TzIndex PRO users and will become available in the OSS release in the next weeks.  Stay tuned for updates and have a great day.