Releasing the updated open-source version of TzIndex with support for Ithaca, Tezos' 9th protocol upgrade

With Tezos Ithaca, the biggest protocol upgrade so far is going live on the Tezos blockchain – bringing Tenderbake, a new BFT consensus algorithm that offers fast deterministic finality.

The new version v12 of our all-in-one zero-conf Tezos blockchain indexer TzIndex provides support for Tezos Ithaca along with performance improvements to scale with the upcoming growth of the Tezos network.

The Ithaca upgrade includes new operation types, new balance updates, and a new deposit/reward payment mechanic. Looking at the new concepts, terminology, and transaction types brought about by Ithaca, we took the opportunity to overhaul the entire TzStats API and added new baker and balance tables. We reorganized tables by removing unnecessary data and statistics to save on-disk storage and cache memory. With the Tezos network at an inflection point of activity growth, we made the decision to drop several baker/consensus related data tables from the open-source version because maintenance becomes too expensive. With this, TzIndex OSS is even faster, smaller and a better choice for Tezos dapps. PRO and cloud APIs still offer all the baker and consensus data.

Please note: This version v12.0.0 (API v012-2022-03-25/light) includes a number of breaking changes.

Breaking changes

  • removed some fields from operation, block and account models (see below)
  • renamed operation types (see below)
  • renamed implicit operations to events (i.e. protocol activity not explicitly available as under an op hash or not available in operation receipts at all)
  • all occurences of delegate and delegate_id have been renamed to baker and baker_id for consistency and to avoid confusion with delegator fields
  • operation row_id has been deprecated in favour of a more stable id value
  • operation op_n is a unique event counter within each block (before, batch and internal operations shared the same op_n)
  • penalty operations now use accuser and offender instead of sender and receiver
  • internal operations now use source instead of creator for the outer transaction signer
  • operations in lists (block, account) no longer contain storage updates, use storage=1 to add
  • operating lists default to order=desc (most recent transactions first), use order=asc for previous behaviour)
  • renamed /explorer/baker to /explorer/bakers


  • improved RPC performance, added embedded RPC lib which reads necessary data only
  • updated balance update management to Ithaca
  • new baker table with baker specific data, saves space in account table
  • partitioned operations table (endorsements are no longer stored to save space)
  • deprecated rights, snapshots, flows, income, and governance data

Complete List of Changes

- API: op model
    - `/explorer/block/{hash}/operations` and `/explorer/account/{address}/operations` no longer contain storage and bigmap diffs per default, use `?storage=1` query argument to add
    - operating lists now default to `order=desc` (i.e. they show the most recent transactions first, use `order=asc` for previous behaviour)
    - switched `sender` and `creator` accounts on internal operations such that an internal call always lists the original signer of the outer operation as sender
    - refactored op list ids for protocol upgrade events (`-3`), block-level events like auto (un)freeze and rewards payments (`-2`) and block header implicit operations like liquidity baking (`-1`)
    - dropped op model fields `has_data`, `branch_height`, `branch_hash`, `branch_depth`, `is_orphan`, `is_sapling`, `entrypoint_id`, `gas_price`, `storage_size`, `has_data`
    - renamed fields
      - `is_implicit` to `is_event`
      - `block_hash` to `block`
      - `delegate_id` and `delegate` to `baker_id` and `baker`
    - renamed operation types
      - `seed_nonce_revelation` to `nonce_revelation`
      - `double_baking_evidence` to `double_baking`
      - `double_endorsement_evidence` to `double_endorsement`
    - added new Ithaca operations and event types for Tenderbake
      - `preendorsement` for preendorsements (only visible when block round > 0)
      - `double_preendorsement` for double signatures on preendorsements
      - `deposits_limit` for explicit baker deposit limit ops
      - `deposit` for explicit deposit freeze and unfreeze events
      - `reward` for endorsement reward payments
      - `bonus` for baker bonus payments (i.e. including more than threshold endorsements)
      - `subsidy` for minting liquidity baking subsidy (was type `transaction` before)
    - reordered table columns in table API output
- API: block model
  - we are no longer storing orphan blocks
  - dropped fields `endorsed_slots`, `fitness`, `is_orphan`, `parent_id`, `slot_mask`, `gas_price` and most counters such as `n_ops_contract`, `n_tx`, `n_activation`, `n_seed_nonce_revelation`, `n_double_baking_evidence`, `n_double_endorsement_evidence`, `n_endorsement`, `n_delegation`, `n_reveal`, `n_origination`, `n_proposal`, `n_ballot`, `n_register_constant`
  - added fields `proposer`, `proposer_id`, `minted_supply`
  - renamed fields
    - `priority` to `round`
    - `storage_size` to `storage_paid`
    - `n_ops` to `n_ops_applied`
    - `n_ops_implicit` to `n_events`
  - reordered table columns in table API output
- API: chain table
  - dropped field `total_paid_bytes` (duplicate of `total_storage_bytes`)
  - added fields `total_set_limits` and `total_preendorsements`
  - renamed fields `*_delegates` to `*_bakers`
  - renamed `total_double_baking_evidences` to `total_double_bakings`
  - renamed `total_double_endorsement_evidences` to `total_double_endorsements`
  - renamed `total_seed_nonce_revelations` to `total_nonce_revelations`
- API: moved field protocol `deployments` from `/explorer/tip` to separate endpoint `/explorer/protocols`
- API: account model
  - split account and baker data into two tables
  - dropped fields `blocks_endorsed`, `blocks_missed`, `blocks_stolen`, `slots_missed`
  - replaced `/explorer/account/{address}/managed` with `/explorer/account/{address}/contracts`
  - moved `/explorer/account/{address}/ballots` to `/explorer/bakers/{address}/votes`
- API: new baker model and `/explorer/bakers/{address}` endpoint for baker-specific data
  - `/votes` to list baker votes (defaults to descending order, i.e. newest first)
  - `/delegations` to list baker delegation events (defaults to descending order, i.e. newest first)
- API: new `balance` model to store historic account balances at end of each block, available as table and time-series API


TzIndex is available under two licenses: 1) open-source MIT license with limited support / best-effort updates, and 2) PRO license with professional support and scheduled updates. Choose your license, learn more.


Come talk to us on Discord or Twitter. We appreciate your feedback, suggestions, and comments.