With the Delphi protocol upgrade now in effect, it's time for a new release of TzStats. As smart contract deployment and token issuance is on the rise on Tezos, v2.1 comes with support for both.

TzStats' objective is to make Tezos data accessible and understandable in a user-friendly format, offering valuable insight into what's happening on the blockchain to both beginners and professionals alike.

Smart contract data display

More and more interesting contracts are being issued on Tezos' testnets and mainnet. Our block explorer's latest version enables you to explore the depths of Tezos smart contracts without clutter. Dive into contract code, storage, and bigmaps. View contract events and charts that show gas usage and number of calls. See it in action on e.g. the Dexter tzBTC/XTZ Pool page.


  • Contract code, storage, and bigmaps on contract pages
  • Call parameters, storage, and bigmaps on operation pages
  • Daily gas usage and transaction count charts
Tezos smart contract code (Example: StakerDAO)

Token display

Find a new assets tab on your account page to keep track of your tokens. View token transactions in your transfers list. Respective token metadata and a list of holders is shown on token pages. Have a try – explore the tzBTC token page.

Lucky holder of 5.13 tzBTC


  • Token ownership, transfers and events list
  • Token metadata and holder accounts list on token pages
  • Token operation cards
Token transfers (Example: tzBTC)
Token events (Example: USDtz)

Batch Operation Lists

Batch operations are displayed in a batch list. Allowing DeFi transactions (example), baker payouts (example), and other batched operations to be viewed conveniently. In the list, click on a transaction to view its details.

Batch Operations List

Bookmarks Sidebar

Our bookmarks feature has been revamped. It is hidden by default. Click the star icon to add a new bookmark – once there is at least one, the sidebar appears on the right. Bookmarks are seperated into accounts, bakers, tokens, and contracts. Add as many as you like and scroll through them.

Settings Menu

The settings page has been replaced by a slide-out menu so that you can stay on the current page. Use it to switch currency, theme, language, and timezone. We're delighted to offer 14 languages for you to choose from.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

As with every new release, we've identified and fixed a number of bugs. Small enhancements have been made throughout the site to further improve your experience.

Get in Touch

Don't hesitate to reach out to us on Twitter or Discord to share feedback, suggestions, or ideas. We love to hear from you. 🌮🚀

TzStats is made by Blockwatch, premier blockchain data provider specialized in APIs and databases. Helping you build on blockchains with confidence. Under the hood, TzStats is powered by its advanced Tezos API and next-generation indexer TzIndex. Interested in the Pro License? Contact us.