The Tezos ecosystem keeps evolving, and so does TzStats. Our new release v2.2 pushes beyond the idea that a block explorer is just a tool for search: TzStats is becoming interactive.

As block explorer we serve many different user groups and we strive to provide the best service to everyone in the community. In recent releases we added unique features for individual users like timelines and warnings for delegators, performance charts and detailed income break downs for bakers, Β smart contract storage and parameter display for developers, bookmarks, and a guide for everyone.

This time we introduce a host of new features that help delegators and bakers find each other and interact better. Tezos' baking economy is rapidly growing. It hosts more than 400 active bakers, among them 120+ public services, an increasing list of private and corporate baking operations as well as a quickly rising number of active delegators, i.e. 81k+ at the time of posting. We love to see this progress and like to contribute.

Baker Selection Lists

We always wished there was an easier way for delegators to find and connect to their baker of choice. Some great services are out there, but they only solve the search or audit parts of the problem and they sometimes lead to bad delegation choices based on the way bakers are ranked. We wanted to do better.

Introducing: the new TzStats Baker Selection List, a smart, randomized and actionable tool for baker selection. On each sufficiently funded account (we make the arbitrary choice of > 1 tez) we display 10 randomly selected public bakers. We make sure the account's balance, if delegated, does not overdelegate any of the bakers and we consider each baker's minimum delegation requirements. We kept the design expressive and lean, making bakers easily recognizable and putting the most important information up front.

Delegation buttons connect right to a browser extension or hardware wallet so everyone can directly delegate from TzStats without leaving the page. We have built initial support for Thanos and Ledger (working on Chrome and Firefox) and consider adding more choices based on demand.

We believe the ease of delegating in combination with random picks is a win for everybody. That way even small bakers get increased visibility to attract more delegators, but with added overdelegation protection.

πŸ‘©β€πŸ³πŸ‘¨β€πŸ³ We allow some slots to be sponsored by bakers who like to promote their service and reach more delegators directly. Are you a baker interested in a prioritized listing? Read here on how to: Get Listed.

Connecting Bakers and Delegators via TzStats
Connecting Bakers and Delegators via TzStats


You've been asking and we listened. Here you go. Now TzStats displays names, information and logos of popular assets, bakers, and contracts throughout the app. To have your info displayed for free, follow the instructions in our guide.

Mobile Baker Page

Many bakers use TzStats on mobile to quickly check their status when on the go. To make this even more convenient we improved the layout of baker pages. They now show all relevant info inside multiple tabs right at the top. We store which tab was open last so that whenever you come back to your baker page, you're greeted with the view you're most interested in. We guess it's the performance chart, right? When you save TzStats to your homescreen with your baker page open, then open it from the home screen and select a tab, this selection is stored. A status check for your baker becomes a single-tap experience now. (Keep in mind that due to limitations in iOS, mobile browser and home screen apps do not share local storage, so all settings you do in-browser do not carry over to home screen apps.)


We worked a lot under the hood and did some more polishing which resulted in a number of small improvements, including

  • bakers can view upcoming work in future cycles like in version 1
  • the state of the last opened tab is now saved in local storage, which makes history navigation way easier
  • we cleaned up all lists on our baker page to show most relevant info only
  • our search bar has become less weird when you enter spaces and dots

Get in Touch

We love to hear your feedback. You can find us on Twitter or Discord. Please share your thoughts, ideas and honest opinions.

TzStats is made by Blockwatch Data, a premier blockchain data provider specialized in APIs, indexing and database technology. Under the hood, TzStats is powered by our advanced Tezos API and our next-generation indexer TzIndex. Are you interested in the Pro License for your business or app? Contact us.