TzStats has for a long time served a single use-case: fast, reliable, and read-only access to a fully indexed history of Tezos on-chain data. Now that the Tezos ecosystem is growing and we ourselves are experimenting with new ideas we are growing beyond read-only APIs.

Today, we're excited to announce that we're starting to offer public Tezos RPC node access at TzStats. We hope this helps improve decentralization, resilience, and synchronization times of the global Tezos network.

Our main public RPC endpoints can be accessed at

These RPC endpoints are load-balanced, but ensure connections see a consistent view of the Tezos network state so that when a monitor endpoint signals the availability of a new block or reorg, the next call is guaranteed to arrive at a node that already knows about this new block or reorg.

Internally, our infrastructure is powered by a smart Tezos RPC proxy which we developed at Blockwatch. This proxy helps to dramatically improve synchronization speed for indexers and other use-cases by pre-caching block receipts and baking rights before clients even request them for the first time.

We have battle-tested this setup in production for several months across different testnets, mainnet upgrades ,and many chain reorganizations before we were sure we could share this with the wider community.

If you are interested to operate your own Tezos RPC Proxy for your private deployments, please reach out to us at TzProxy is part of our TzIndex PRO subscription package.