To mark the historic block 1,000,000 in Tezos, we at Blockwatch are excited to share what we've been working on – the 1st Release Candidate of our Tezos Block Explorer TzStats v2! 🌮🚀

It’s our mission to empower you to understand what happens on blockchains, and we take great pride in providing the most used and popular Tezos explorer. With TzStats’ second version, we take it to the next level.

Tezos Block Explorer – TzStats v2. Dark Theme on Desktop.

Looking Back and Ahead

After we released TzStats into the wild in July 2019, it rapidly gained traction in the Tezos community. Our users have loved the initial design and are happy about the level of detail and accuracy in the information provided. Our approach has always been to extend functionalities of traditional block explorers with our advanced analytics. We deliver the data you need, and more. Putting you one step ahead.

Some of our users have asked us to improve how and what data is displayed. Furthermore, there has been strong demand for an efficient mobile design. We listened. Building on our card-based modular design, TzStats v2 has been created with mobile-first in mind. What’s more, in addition to refining existing capabilities, we are shipping community-requested features. More than what's included in RC1 is rolled out over the coming weeks. We can't wait to put v2 in your hands! Whether you're a Tezos enthusiast, baker, developer, analyst, auditor, or asset issuer, TzStats is made for you.

Experience the New TzStats

Ready to experience version two? Come and explore! We invite you to access v2 RC1 on, which will transition from staging to the main URL soon. Visit on your phone or computer. We've made it as easy and intuitive to use as possible.

  1. Use the sidebar and search bar to navigate. Customize your settings.
  2. Visit the new Cycle, Block, Activity, Voting, Protocols, and Bakers pages.
  3. Check your account(s) and add bookmarks.

Thank you for enjoying and using our explorer. We've got more in the pipeline. Going forward, we are releasing increased customization, coordination, and tracking abilities for particular user needs. Please feel free to share your suggestions and feedback. Engage with us on our Discord or on Twitter. Use the hashtag #tzstatsv2 to share your experience. Looking forward to hearing from you.

In addition to our Tezos block explorer, we provide the most powerful Tezos Data API and the fastest Tezos indexer TzIndex. Engineered by Blockwatch Data Inc.