Today we're releasing the updated open-source version 8.0.1 of TzIndex – with Edo support

Along with several performance improvements, this version of our all-in-one zero-conf Tezos indexer comes with support for the latest Tezos protocol Edo and Edonet including Edo2 (PtEdo2Zk) and Edonet2. Additionally, it introduces two new modes for more flexible deployment.

New Modes

  • Light mode: skips baker and governance data, saving roughly 50% storage costs and indexing time. This is best suited for dapps where access to consensus-related data is not required.
  • Validate mode: works in combination with full and light mode. Checks balances and states of all touched accounts at each block against a Tezos archive node before changes are written to the database. At the end of each cycle, all known accounts in the indexer database are checked as well. This ensures 100% consistency at the cost of reduced indexing speed.


  • Storage: 6.3GB (full Mainnet index, Feb 2021), 3.9G (light mode)
  • RAM: 4-24GB (configurable, use more memory for better query latency)
  • CPU: 2+ cores (configurable, use more for better query parallelism)
  • Tezos node in archive mode

Read the instructions on how to build, run, and configure in the readme.

For all details, check out the full changelog:


Bugfix release
- ETL: fix protocol detection for Edo


Note: compatible with Edo and API version 2020-06-01. Database rebuild is required.

- ETL: Tezos Edo protocol and Edonet support including Edo2 (PtEdo2Zk) and Edonet2
- ETL: support internal origination+delegation
- ETL: new light mode that skips baker and governance data (cli arg --light)
- ETL: new validate mode for checking balances and account state each block
- ETL: improved decimal conversion performance
- ETL: improved base58 encode/decode performance
- ETL: improved database performance
- ETL: added multiple caches to improve indexer and query performance
- ETL: delegation operations now contain the delegated balance as volume
- ETL: fixed is_delegatable and is_spendable flags for accounts and contracts
- ETL: fixed removing accounts on rollback
- ETL: fixed roll calculations for index 15 snapshots
- ETL: fixed baker registrations due to Tezos protocol bug in v002
- ETL: fixed call stats for migrated contracts
- API: new call dispatcher to limit concurrent requests and return 429 on overflow
- API: new governance endpoints to list voters /explorer/election/:num/:stage/voters and ballots /explorer/election/:num/:stage/ballots
- API: new account rank endpoints /explorer/rank/volume, /explorer/rank/traffic and /explorer/rank/balances
- API: improved cache expiry
- API: improved operation list performance
- API: improved Edo comb pair unwrapping

Tezos Edo Protocol Support

- introduced a 5th voting period (adoption) and decreased duration of each period
- RPC changes for block metadata (level and voting info)
- RPC changes for bigmap updates (now called lazy storage)
- new Michelson comb pairs and related data encoding
- new Michelson tickets and related data encoding
- new Michelson instructions for BLS curves, Sapling and tickets

TzIndex is available under two licenses: 1) open-source MIT license with limited support / best-effort updates, 2) PRO license with professional support and scheduled updates. Pick the right license for your use case: learn more.

For support, talk to us on Twitter or Discord.