TzStats is the first Tezos Analytics Explorer, extending the functionality of traditional block explorers with comprehensive data analytics.

We are super glad to present you the official beta version of TzStats, now at the official URL

TzStats Beta Landing Page

Beta Tezoris

Two Weeks ago we released an alpha version introducing TzStats Landing screen, Baker-Account, Market-Overview and Block-Overview screens. If you missed it, you can ready our last update.

Until now we have nicely polished all alpha screens and implemented a few brand-new screens for accounts, operations, the Tezos governance process and, very important, a cycle screen to show consensus-related data. Here’s a quick changelog

Landing Screen Update

  • New price history graph
  • Improved graphs for price and on-chain volume
  • Made cards clickable
  • Replaced Staking Supply with high-level Staking Activity Data
  • Removed Trading Volume for a more prominent price graph
  • Fixed bugs and polished design


  • New Search Console
  • Made all cards links to in-depth screens on each topic
  • Added Governance Overview

Market-Overview Update

  • Fixed Bugs with the peak trading hour heatmap
  • Improved all graphs and layout in general
  • Added Coinbase (Yaay🎉)


Block-Overview Update

  • Display orphan blocks
  • Scrollable operation list
  • Filter listed operations by clicking on the graph
  • Block History and color coding to identify stagnation in the chain
  • Fixed Bugs


Basic Account Screen

  • Balance history
  • Transaction history
  • Call to Action for non-stakers

🌟 New Cycle Screen

Here we present detailed information about each cycle’s health, delegate distribution and the snapshot that determined staking rights. A cycle history encourages exploration into past and future cycles.

  • Cycle History and Scroll via Select
  • Relation between Snapshot data and current cycle
  • Summary of the Cycle’s Health Data
  • Baker Treemap to quickly see staking power distribution


🌟 New Governance Screen

With all the details for the 4 stages of a governance cycle users can understand the general process, current progress and make predictions about the voting outcome. The history of governance cycles gives a quick overview of the previous elections and their outcome.

  • Governance Cycle History
  • Overview of all periods in each cycle
  • Listing and Links of all Proposals
  • Current Status, Progress and Acceptance


🌟 New Baker Account Screen

Together with all the balances and balance history, bakers can see their capacity, delegator stats, performance and future rights on the individual Baker Account Screen. A heatmap visualizes the taken and upcoming staking rights for one cycle. This feature makes it easy for small bakers to identify free time slots to perform server maintenance.

  • Lifetime Statistics
  • Balance and delegation history
  • Rights and efficiency heatmap
  • Voting history


🌟 New Operations Screen

Tezos implements 12 types of operations, e.g. transactions, delegations, endorsements, double baking evidences, ballots (for voting) and smart contract calls. TzStats presents all the relevant information for each operation type and we’ve even designed unique and recognizable symbols.

  • Individual screen for all 12 operation types
  • Symbols and details for each operation
  • Involved accounts, i.e. sender, receiver, delegate, manager, accuser, offender


Still don’t have enough?

Yes, baby .. we have more fuel incoming.

We’ve designed a new data point for bakers, “Luck”, expressing actual rights earned vs. ideal rights due by rolls. Good luck is when a bakerette or baker received more rights in a cycle than her/his fair share based on rolls. Bad luck is the opposite. Neutral luck is 100% meaning an exact match between rolls and assigned rights. It’s hard to match 100% exactly and small bakers may easily get very high or very low percentages because their fair share is tiny. For this reason we also express luck in terms of coins.

In the same fashion we express baker efficiency in coins and percent. 100% efficiency is when a bakerette gained exactly the amount of rewards that her rights indicated. A higher efficiency can be achieved by stealing blocks, denouncing consensus violations and publishing seed nonces. A lower efficiency signals a baker missed endorsements, lost blocks or got slashed in a denunciation.

There’s also a couple more screens we have designed but not implemented yet:

  • Staking: shows staking participation across cycles, the evolution of locked up capital, roll owners and the number of active bakers/endorsers as well as the cumulative staking capacity of all bakers and their overall efficiency
TzStats Staking Activity Screen
  • Analytics: in-depth view on growth, on-chain activity in terms of addresses, volume, fees, and gas as well as a detailed supply breakdown, account activations over time and more
TzStats Analytics Dashboard
  • Whales: like to do a little whale watching with us? We show whale domination in Tezos in terms of top funded accounts, percent of supply controlled, and centralization by address value
TzStats Whale Watching

TzStats API

The TzStats API is powered by Blockwatch technology, used both for the blockchain indexer and our market crawlers. We have evaluated different indexers for Tezos and finally decided to use our own because we require more comprehensive metrics and a level of performance we could not find elsewhere. Even though our indexers are not open-source, our data and frontend are.

TzStats grants open API access to all endpoints and a free of charge license to use all our data for non-commercial projects. Our API design allows very comprehensive queries into a huge lake of unique and interesting data about Tezos. Most of it may not even be visible in our own frontend yet. We encourage everybody to feel free to use our API, play with the data and build cool things on top. For those of you who like to do that, we will publish a comprehensive API documentation very soon.

Our future plans for TzStats

Since we started working on TzStats two months ago we believe we have delivered an outstandingly powerful tool to the community. Even though our funding from the Tezos Foundation is up, we will keep our backend and frontend operational and up-to-date as long as possible and will add small features to improve your user experience on TzStats.

Going forward, you as the Tezos community, can help us keep the lights on longer. Here’s a few possible ways we came up with:

  1. Open Source Contributions: our open-source web frontend is built in React and everybody can fork the repository, but we think it’s easier to contribute for reputation and fun. We call on talented React developers from the Tezos community and from outside to get in touch and help us deliver new features. We are looking forward to your contribution and pull requests.
  2. Paid feature development: for small- to medium-scale feature requests and new analytics screens it seems viable to run an ongoing crowd-funding campaign where community members can vote and pay for popular new features. If you have a paid feature in mind, please reach out to us.
  3. Commercial Data Subscriptions: we have created a tremendous treasure trove of clean, well structured on-chain analytical data about Tezos. This data is useful for staking providers, investors, data aggregators and solution providers in many different ways. If you like to obtain a commercial license to use our data for your business, please send us an email.
  4. Customized Analytics Explorers: we have amassed a great amount of know-how about the Tezos network, blockchain analytics and block explorers in general which makes it less costly and less risky to hire us for implementing your custom solution. If you are planning a new project, please contact us.

How can you get involved?

We’d love to hear what you think about TzStats Beta. Send us your feedback on Twitter, Discord or via Email. Tell us which additional features you’d like to see. Any kind of suggestion, love and praise (no hate please) is appreciated.

If you like to contribute to the project in any capacity or if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at any time.

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