Since we’ve released TzStats v2 in mid-June 2020, the Tezos community has been sharing valuable feedback that assists us in making continuous improvements.

As we strive to deliver the best block explorer experience to both newcomers and professional users alike, don’t hesitate to let us know your thoughts and suggestions. Consequently, we made several bug fixes and improvements during the past weeks. Today, we’re happy to announce TzStats v2.0.5 featuring better lists, brand new graphs, and more details.

List Improvements

Bakers and Cycle Page Designs

We’ve reworked the list designs for the Bakers and Cycle pages. As before, bakers are sorted by their size in rolls and we added small charts to show their cumulative share in network-wide staking to make it easier to see how well Tezos block production is decentralized. Additionally, more individual baker data (i.e. min. delegation, min. payout, and payout delay) has been added. Payout delay is now reflected on the Delegator timeline as well.

Public Tezos Bakers on TzStats

Delegator Lists

The list of delegators on Baker pages now show new (pending) delegators and their respective earning state:

  • delegated, when a delegation has been received, but not selected in a snapshot
  • confirmed, when a snapshot with that delegator exists
  • earning, when the delegation is contributing to current cycle rights
  • paying, when the delegator is supposed to be paid
  • private, when the baker is not public (and we don't know payout rules)
  • closed, when the baker has closed

Furthermore, the delegations tab indicates in which cycle a delegator has joined.

List of Delegators on Baker Page

Revamped Graphs

We re-implemented all our charts to make them more efficient and responsive. Most of the time you may not notice anything and that's good. Donut charts on the Market (1D Volume by Exchange) and Baker (Version Chart) pages now have a new design that shows all values without having to hover over the graph.

More Operation Details

Some transactions pay an extra allocation fee when the target account does not exist or was emptied before (and thus garbage collected). Now we show this extra fee in operation receipts and we also show the cycle in delegation operations for additional context.

Testnet Explorers

TzStats v2 is now the default frontend across all supported testnets (Carthage and Dalpha). We recently discontinued support for Babylonnet, Labnet and Zeronet since they are fairly outdated and nodes are insecure. If you like, you may still use our Tezos Indexer and TzStats v1 to visualize data from previous testnets if you happen to run a node yourself.

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