Tezos Explorer Guide

Tezos Explorer Guide #

People who interact with the Tezos blockchain frequently use the TzStats Tezos Block Explorer. In our help guide, we explain the features of the explorer to assist you in using it. Making it easier to find and understand the information, data, and statistics you’re looking for.

Main Dashboard #

Main Page

Upon visiting tzstats.com, you are greeted with the explorer’s main dashboard. It provides an at-a-glance view of activity on and related to the Tezos blockchain.

TzStats’ design is based on a card-based layout that serves both desktop and mobile environments. Displayed information is updated in real time, which allows you to keep the page open and stay up-to-date.

There are two primary navigation elements, the search bar and the side bar.

Search Bar

The search bar enables you to look up Tezos blocks, accounts, aliases, assets, and hashes. It is convenient and intuitive to use. Like the side bar, it is available on all explorer pages.

Specifically, you can search for (examples):

Next to the search bar, there is a link to the TzStats Tezos API documentation, as well as a currency switch that is used to conveniently switch between FIAT currency and XTZ denominations throughout the explorer.

The sidebar is used to navigate through the explorer’s pages. Clicking the TzStats logo on top always brings you back to the main page. You can navigate to the explorer’s pages: Cycle, Block, Activity, Protocols, Bakers, Markets, and the Settings.

Cycle Clock #

Cycle Clock

The cycle clock shows you the current cycle and its progress, i.e. where in the cycle we currently are. Furthermore, the clock’s outer ring indicates the network’s health status. A full ring in gray color means good network health over 98%. Yellow means health is below 98%, orange 83%, red 66% and purple 50%. Bad health means blocks are slower and bakers earn less rewards. Really bad health means the chain is broken or under attack.

Main Page Cards #

The main page features the following 8 cards:

Account Growth #

Account Growth

Account growth shows the total count of funded accounts on the Tezos network and a break down into new funded and cleared accounts within the last 30 days. New accounts are newly funded addresses on the blockchain that didn’t exist before. Cleared accounts are previously funded accounts where the owner has moved all funds away, so their balance became zero.

In the above example you can see that more than 10% of total funded accounts were newly added on the blockchain during the past 30 days, and only 1.65% of accounts were cleared during that time.

Bookmarks #


Any account can be bookmarked and is displayed on the main page’s bookmarks cards, including the account’s spendable balance as well as next baking/endorsing rights for baker accounts. To bookmark an account, click on the ☆ star symbol on any account page. Doing so also allows you to set an alias name of choice, e.g. My Account 1 for the account tz1gMhfcciDM..kinT in the example screenshot.

On-Chain Election #

Current stage of election in the Tezos governance process. Showing currently active voting period, its status, and end time.

Recent Block #

Recent Blocks

The top part shows a horizontal timeline of the most recent blocks, which also indicates volume per block in vertical bars. Below, you find the most recent block’s key metrics, i.e. Block Height, Baker, Hash, Operation Count, Date and Time, as well as the Volume of tez within the block. To navigate to a specific block, you can either click on a specific block in the timeline, or click on the current block’s hash. Additionally, more information on the baker of the most recent block can be gathered by clicking on the baker’s name.

Spotlight #


The spotlight is updated regularly and shows key Tezos ecosystem announcements or TzStats/Blockwatch-related news. Additional features will be introduced to the Spotlight in a future release.

Staking Activity #

Staking Activity

The staking activity card shows the overall amount of active bakers (unique accounts that baked at least one block in a cycle) and active delegators on the network. Additionally, it shows staking ratio (percent of all tokens staked), current rewards and past inflation in percentage.

Tezos Price #

Tezos Price

The Tezos price chart shows the price average from a selection of cryptocurrency exchanges. More detailed price and volume information is available on the Markets page.

Tezos Supply #

Tezos Supply

Share of Tezos supply broken down into different types:

  • Liquid Supply: total supply minus unclaimed and frozen supply.

  • Frozen Supply: amount of tez that is frozen in deposits, rewards, and fees.

  • Unclaimed Supply: amount of tez that is yet to be claimed by fundraiser participants.

  • Staking Supply: amount of tez that is participating in staking.

  • Circulating Supply: total amount of tez in circulation; anything but unclaimed coins.

  • Total Supply: total amount of tez.

Transaction Volume #

Tezos Transaction Volume

1 day transaction count and volume, as well as 30 day transactions and volume average. On the right, these values are visualized in a bar chart that you can hover over to display tez volume per day.