Tezos How To

Tezos How To #

Check your Tezos account #

Enter your Tezos account address in the search bar and hit enter. This will lead you to your account page. Note that for convenience, you may add your account to your bookmarks by clicking the star ☆ icon and optionally giving it a custom alias of your choice.

The account page, by default, shows you what type of account you are viewing. In the example below, this is a delegator account, which means that it is delegated to a Tezos Baker and participates in staking.

On the left-hand card, you get to see general account information, including its status, full balance, when it was first and last seen on the network, as well as how much tez was received and sent in total. You can also view a QR code of the account’s address.

Delegator Account

In the Transfers list, you see your account’s incoming and outgoing transactions, as well as other operations. The button on the right side shows the number of confirmations.

Delegator Account

If you are delegating to a baker, a Staking Info card appears on the right side of the page. It shows the status of your delegation, since when you are delegated and started/will start earning, when the first payout occurred/occurs, and average luck, performance, and reliability of your chosen baker. Below, there’s an option to click on the “Choose a Baker” button, which provides you with an overview of alternative bakers to delegate to.

Add your Baker on TzStats #

You can add your baker to our public baker list for free. To do so, please send an email to tzstats@blockwatch.cc with the following data points:

  • Baker name
  • Baker address
  • Baker fee
  • Your location (city or country, optional)
  • Payout address (optional)
  • Twitter handle (optional)
  • Minimum delegation amount (default is zero)
  • Minimum payout amount (default is zero)
  • Payout delay (time in cycles when you pay delegators; default is 6 which covers the reward freeze time of 5 plus one in which you process the payout)
  • Logo file (attach to mail)

Your information will be shown on TzStats as soon as possible, usually with the next minor release. Please wait at least a week and check back before you ping us again.

Reach more Tezos delegators by leveraging the power of the most used Tezos block explorer. Advertise your baker on TzStats. Our Baker list is designed to make it easy for Tezos users to find and choose your delegation service, offering convenient delegation with the click of a button. Helping you gain more delegators, fill your capacity, and earn more.

Don’t worry about over-delegation. We have protection in place to avoid your baker from becoming over-delegated — we don’t show it to accounts that have a balance bigger than you can take, and prevent such accounts from delegating to you via our delegation prompt. Minimum delegation amount is also taken into consideration.

The Baker list is shown on the right-hand side of regular account pages. This list is split into 5 shuffled sponsored spots on top, and 5 random picks of all public bakers underneath. Secure your spot on the sponsored list to enjoy prioritized visibility.

Advertise Tezos Baker on TzStats

Add your Token on TzStats #

To list your token on TzStats, be it FA1.2, FA2 or custom, send an email to tzstats@blockwatch.cc with the following data points:

  • Token name
  • Token type (e.g. utility)
  • Token standard (e.g. FA1.2)
  • Token decimals
  • Token ticker
  • Contract address
  • Short description
  • Website
  • Twitter handle (optional)
  • Logo file (attach to mail)

After due diligence, we will list your token.