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On the Tezos network activity page, a world map visualizes where new blocks are baked. The bigger a blue dot, the more blocks have been baked at the respective location during the past 24 hours. As the map is updated in real time, a pulsating blue dot indicates that a block has just been baked at its location.

TzStats doesn’t track network nodes or mempool operations yet. As of now, the map shows what’s happening on the blockchain once blocks are finalized.

Blocks #

Tezos Blocks

The list of blocks shows when and by whom a block has been baked. It displays the baker’s Tezos software version, the block’s priority, the endorsed slots, as well as the gained reward and fee.

Transfers #

Tezos High Value Transfer

List of high-value transfers >= $100,000. Showing Time, Block #, Sender, Receiver, Volume, and Fee.

Whales #

Tezos Whales

List of Tezos accounts with high balances. This is also known as the Tezos Rich List.

Hotspots #

Tezos Hotspots

List of accounts that exhibit high 1 day volume.

Activations #

Tezos Fundraiser Activations

Tezos fundraiser account activations. Showing Date of activation, Block #, Sender, and Volume.

Slashing #

Tezos Slashing Event

List of slashing events, i.e. a baker getting punished and thereby forfeiting a defined proportion of staked tez. Showing Date, Block #, Accuser, Offender, as well as Lost Rewards, Deposits and Fees.

Acc, Tx, Gas Info #

The three cards Account Growth, Transaction Fees, and Gas Used give you additional insight into network activity.

Account Growth #

Tezos Funded and Cleared Accounts

New accounts are new funded addresses on the blockchain that didn’t exist before. Cleared accounts are previously funded accounts where the owner has moved all funds away, so their balance became zero.

Transaction Fees #

Tezos Transaction Fees

Transaction fee per day.

Gas Used #

Tezos Gas Used

Gas used per day.