Tezos Block

Block #

Tezos Blocks

On top, you can see the current block’s number, its hash, and a horizontal timeline of blocks that displays volume within the block vertically.

General Information #

Tezos Block General Information

This card shows key information on the current block:

  • Date and time of block creation
  • Baker who baked the block
  • Baker reward and fee
  • Volume of tez contained in the block
  • Number of block confirmations

Technical Details #

Tezos Block General Information

Giving deeper insight into the technical details of the block. Specifically, it shows:

  • Priority, i.e. the position in the priority list of bakers at which the block was baked
  • Block time
  • Cycle in which the block was baked
  • Level in the cycle in which the block was baked
  • Tezos software version the baker used to bake the block
  • Count of contained operations
  • Count of contained new accounts
  • Count of contained cleared accounts
  • Count of contained active accounts
  • Count of contained new contracts
  • Amount of gas used
  • Gas price

Block Health #

Tezos Block Health

  • Endorsed Slots – number of filled endorsement slots, e.g. 32/32. This is also known as the block’s endorsing power.
  • Missed Priorities
  • Missed Endorsements

Operation Summary #

A pie chart visualizes the amount of transactions, endorsements, and other operations included in the block.

Lists #

Furthermore, the block page shows a list of:

Transactions #

Tezos Transactions

XTZ sent from Account X to Account Y at Z fee.

Delegations #

  • New delegator X for Baker with balance Y at Z fee
  • Delegator X left Baker with balance Y at Z fee

Endorsements #

XTZ reward for endorsing block X to Baker.

Other #

E.g. public key revealed by Account X at Z fee