Tezos Cycle

Cycle #

Tezos Cycle

The cycle page displays the currently active cycle by default. On top, you can see the current cycle’s time range. Next to it, there is a timeline that visualizes the completion of past and future cycles. You can click on the dots and the cycle clocks to navigate between them.

Summary #

  • Block range: the time range of the cycle in terms of blocks
  • Working bakers: count of bakers that actively worked within the cycle
  • Working endorsers: count of bakers that actively endorsed within the cycle
  • Block time minimum
  • Block time maximum
  • Worst block within the cycle in terms of block time

Cycle Health #

  • Priority minimum and maximum
  • Seed-nonce rate
  • Missed priorities
  • Missed endorsements
  • Double baking events
  • Double endorsing events
  • Orphan blocks

Snapshot Info #

  • Date and time
  • Block at which the snapshot occured
  • Index
  • Staking Ratio: amount of accounts staking
  • Total Rolls: total count of rolls
  • Roll Owners: total count of roll owners
  • Top 20 Rolls: total count of rolls owned by the top 20 accounts

Largest Bakers #

This block graph visualizes the largest bakers participating in the cycle sorted by their size in rolls. Hovering over specific blocks shows count of rolls, as well as reliability and luck in percent.

Lists #

Top 20 #

The top 20 baker accounts that participated in baking and endorsing during the cycle, including information on their total amount of rolls owned and increase in roll amount during the cycle, and the share of overall rolls participating in the cycle in percent, luck, and reliability.

Gainers #

Bakers with the biggest gains in terms of rolls during the cycle.

Losers #

Bakers with the biggest losses in terms of rolls during the cycle.

Newcomers #

New bakers.

Inactive #

Bakers that became inactive.

Custodians #

Bakers operated by custodians.