Tezos Protocols

Protocols #

The protocols deployment page shows the current protocol by default. On top you can see its name, e.g. v006 Carthage, and the overall age of the Tezos blockchain.

Blockchain Identity #

Key blockchain information

  • Network
  • Chain ID
  • Protocol (hash)
  • Genesis date

Running Totals #

  • Total number of accounts
  • Number of funded accounts
  • Amount of baked blocks
  • Count of operations
  • Count of rolls
  • Count of roll owners
  • Count of cycles

Current and Previous Protocols #

By default, the current protocol is selected. In this timeline, you can switch to previously deployed protocols to check respective protocol information.

Protocol Info #

  • Protocol Hash
  • Protocol Version
  • Deployment
  • First Block on which the protocol came into effect
  • Last Block until which the protocol was in deployment
  • Invoice that was added to the proposal

General Constants #

  • Block Time
  • Preserved Ccles
  • Cycle Length
  • Tez per roll (roll size)

Reward Constants #

in tez

  • Block Reward
  • Endorsement Reward
  • Block Deposit
  • Endorsement Deposit
  • Nonce Reward

Voting Constants #

  • Number of blocks per voting period
  • Proposals per delegate
  • Minimum proposal quorum in percent
  • Quorum minimum in percent
  • Quorum maximum in percent
  • Test-chain duration

Limits #

  • Block Gas Limit
  • Operations Gas Limit
  • Operations Size
  • Revelations per Block
  • Maximum Type Size
  • Nonce Length
  • Proof of Work Nonce Size
  • Proof of Work Treshold

Other Constants #

  • Byte Cost
  • Origination Size
  • Origination Burn
  • Blocks per Snapshot
  • Blocks per Commitment
  • Endorsers per Block