Tezos Voting

Voting #

Tezos Election

The voting page shows the currently open election and indicates when it ends. On top, there is a timeline of the currently active election progress. On the right hand side, there is an overview of past elections on which you can click for respective information.

Election Stage #

Allows you to choose between different stages of the election progress, i.e. Proposal Selection, Exploration Vote, Testing Period, and Promotion Vote. Clicking on either of these gives you the following key information:

  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Proposal Name
  • Status
  • Acceptance
  • Participation in amount of rolls of total rolls
  • Quorum

Proposal Selection is on by default and shows the proposals being proposed, the respective hashes, source (baker who injected the proposal), rolls, and a link to protocol information.

On the Exploration Vote and Promotion Vote tabs, you can see a visualization of acceptance and participation. The Testing Period tab gives you links for details on the specific proposal.

Proposal Votes #

List of bakers who voted Yes, No, Pass or remained undecided, and the amount of rolls each.